HS - 102-116

1st Place - Tate Sauder of Kansas

2nd Place - Joshua Koderhandt of Illinois

3rd Place - Drew Fox of Iowa

4th Place - Matthew Rodriquez of Florida


HS - 122-137

1st Place - Stone Engle of Illinois

2nd Place - Justin Koderhandt of Illinois

3rd Place - Joshua Bell of Indiana

4th Place - Carter Logue of Iowa

5th Place - Bryce Allen of Iowa

HS - 144-159

1st Place - William Waugh of Iowa

2nd Place - Zac Willey of Iowa

3rd Place - Lane Horinek of Missouri

4th Place - Malachi Martin of Florida

5th Place - Eric Owens of Iowa

6th Place - Levi Hexamer of Indiana

HS - 184-189

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Jack Goin of Missouri

2nd Place - Mikey Soberano of Kansas

3rd Place - Keith (kj) Miley of Missouri