8u - 42-47

1st Place - Lincoln Mack of Illinois

2nd Place - Beckett Ward of Minnesota

3rd Place - Jameson Boaz of Missouri

4th Place - Tyler Bell of Missouri

8u - 47-52

1st Place - Jordan `The Freak` Heindl of Minnesota

2nd Place - Caleb Dyer of Missouri

3rd Place - Chase Watkinson of Iowa

4th Place - Owen Parish of Minnesota

5th Place - Trenton Byers of Iowa

6th Place - Keegan Oliver of Iowa

8u - 54-59

1st Place - Cayden Engel of Nebraska

2nd Place - Austin Ries of Iowa

3rd Place - Dawson Mack of Illinois

4th Place - Prestyn Reuter of Minnesota

5th Place - David Bauer of Minnesota

8u - 62-69

1st Place - Martez `The Phenom` Sheard of Wisconsin

2nd Place - Coy Mehlert of Iowa

3rd Place - Karrsen Bussan of Wisconsin

8u - 62-69.4

1st Place - Braeden Borreson of Wisconsin

2nd Place - Karrsen Bussan of Wisconsin

3rd Place - Adrian Melendez of Iowa

4th Place - Peyton Sommers of Minnesota

5th Place - Rush Jennett of Iowa

8u - 81-91

1st Place - Danson Drake of Iowa

2nd Place - Ryne Dobson of Iowa

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